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 My Story :: Why Vegan?


My life changed when my best friend Denise was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Imagine receiving a phone call from your 25 year old childhood friend and college roommate saying that she has cancer.


Confusion, disbelief, shock... I was devastated.

Why was this happening?

We were so young, and Denise lived a seemingly healthy lifestyle and was naturally thin. I thought about how Denise had eliminated pork from her diet in college (meanwhile I was the queen of all things sausage, bacon, ham, and pork chops), she was always conscious of her salt intake, and she was moderately active.

This was so sudden! So unexpected! So unlikely.

Why was this happening?

A couple weeks prior, I was celebrating Denise's engagement, attending bridal fairs, helping her visit potential venues and select her menu, and I had just purchased my bridesmaid dress. Now, all of that was a big question mark because we didn't even know if she was going to be alive anymore.

As an empath, I feel the emotions of others as though they were mine, and I was an emotional wreck for a few days.  My world had been turned upside down just like that.  It was a huge wake-up call and a reminder of how precious life is.

s sickness spurred me into action as I instinctively turned to what I knew could get us through this - God. Immediately I went on a fast. I put all of my energy into believing that Denise was healed. I completely abstained from all foods except for fruits and vegetables for 1 month.

After a long battle, Denise was able to recover and entered remission. I am completely blown away by her strength and courage. Even as I type these words, I am brought to tears.DenandMe2

Denise's battle with cancer completely changed my life in an accelerated manner. After fasting, I naturally moved back to my previous way of eating, but I found it to be unacceptable and honestly unappealing as I researched more about the food industry, animal cruelty, and the natural design of the human body and digestive system. My beliefs started to change, and my transition to a vegan diet became more philosophical and spiritual than anything else. Yes, it is "healthy" to eat the way that I do, but it is so much more than that.  It is our true nature.

This is why it happened.

I want to help you if you are interested in transitioning, in need of inspiration, or even just vegan curious.  Ask anyone who knows me: I was the biggest bacon and cheese eater before everything changed. I never saw this coming,  never ever considered vegetarianism and never knew why anyone would ever go without eating meat.

The souls on this planet are waking up at an increasingly rapid rate, and it is time to start living instead of just existing. You have reached this page for a reason.  Will you commit to making the world a better place? It starts with truly loving yourself.

Much love, light, and healing to you.


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