Grateful Not Indebted

I had a long conversation the other day about how sometimes people will try to make your story about them. Maybe they helped you out with funding your dream, or they helped you make an important connection, or gave you a chance to be a part of a project they created, etc, and now they are holding that assistance they gave you over your head.  This is living from  the ego. Ego always wants the spotlight.  Ego craves attention.  Ego says "me, me, me"! And so the ego will have you taking credit for someone else’s success, instead of sharing the joy of what you both created.

When you are living in your purpose, opportunities that are in alignment with your purpose will come. Sometimes the people who bring those opportunities to you get hung up on an ego trip and they want you to praise them for “what they did for you”, when in reality there are an abundance of people, places, and things that are for you. The moment someone tries to make your story about them, you know you are dealing with their ego, not their true self. The higher self knows that we each play a part in each other’s story but that we are not to take credit for what happens in someone else’s journey.  Taming the ego means recognizing that opportunities to help others will move through you as you show up for your calling.  Humble pie, darling, humble pie.


Now on the flip side of an exaggerated ego is a lack of confidence.  This shows up as an unhealthy form of gratitude.  Yes, there is a wrong way to be "grateful" for things.

Gratitude does not equal indebtedness. You do not owe anyone anything based on something they did for you. It is natural to want to return favors or show other forms of reciprocity. However, it is not healthy to feel as though you are obligated to someone because you feel guilty about how much or what they did for you. When you feel this way, others can sense that, and use it to manipulate you.  It's a harsh reality but really it all goes back to abundance versus scarcity. 

Never get so caught up in one particular opportunity or success that you cling to it and dwell on it as if there will never be another.  This sends out all the wrong signals to the universe.  Take some time to really settle into your gratitude and express it fully.  Then move on.  Continue your walk in abundance by anticipating the next opportunity to demonstrate your gratitude, knowing that the supply really is infinite.