There Will Be Others

Have you ever been divorced by a close friend?  

I notice that as I grow and evolve spiritually, this sort of thing happens more and more frequently.  I call it a divorce because that word really speaks to the magnitude of the separation that occurs when one of my friends decides that we must part ways.  It may seem dramatic but if I call you my friend, please know that I see us as married to each other - yeah I'm in it for life! 

The Creator knows how I am.  When it comes to friendships, even when I have outgrown certain situations, I tend to keep that person on the shelf long past the expiration date.  This is why it will typically require an act of God to break us up for good - unexplainable behavior from the other person who emphatically decides that I have wounded them beyond what any dialogue can repair.  And I never see it that way!  I always want to remain on good terms with people and talk things out, especially someone I was once close with.  I prefer more of a growing apart type of drift, but there are times when a clean, sharp break are necessary.  

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I move on easily, but that doesn't mean that the end of a relationship doesn't affect me.  However, I am becoming more and more acquainted with what it really means to practice non-attachment.   I am at a level of maturity where I quickly transition from viewing situations at a microcosmic level to seeing things with a wider lens.  How was this a necessary part of my growth? Did I do my best to serve this friendship while it lasted?  What is the most loving thing that I can do right now? (By the way, most of the time the most loving thing to do is to let go).

Most importantly, instead of dwelling on thoughts of how the other person's behavior "didn't make any sense", I now navigate over to a more abundant perspective that "there will be others".   This is not to say that people are disposable.  Quite the opposite – each person in the story of your life is to be cherished as holding unique value and a specific duty.  But sometimes we form unhealthy attachments to people, places, things and we don’t honor the seasons and cycles of life – the rhythm!  

How do you know if an attachment is unhealthy?  One way to tell is if your "happiness" depends upon a certain outcome.  When this happens, the universe has a way of getting your attention. This may mean that you lose someone or something that you held dearly.  On the other side of this loss, there are always new opportunities.  Whether it is a friendship, a job, a home, money, love, food, or peace of mind, know that there is an abundance of it and you do not have to live in lack of anything if you so choose.

 That is the beauty in the ebb and flow of life.