The Not-So-Obvious Reasons Why You Can't Lose Weight - Part 2

Why does your body cling to excess fat when you are exercising and eating healthy?  

In my work as a health coach, I find that many people hit a plateau when it comes to weight loss. 

You've been working hard to do everything "right" for a few months, yet you are still not seeing the results you want. 

If you have been trying to lose weight but you can't get the scale to budge, this could be due to many different reasons. I covered three of these reasons in my post last week

Here are three more things to consider:  

4. Your Food is Hormonal


The meat and dairy industries have adopted a number of strange practices in order to allow supply to continue to meet demand.  Animals are raised in completely inhumane environments which resemble factories instead of farms.  This animal agriculture has created conditions which are quite disgusting with feces and urine everywhere.  The animals live in their own waste, and thus disease is common and spreads easily.  And guess what? Chickens, cows, and pigs get cancer too!  This cancer ends up on your plate.  

Farmers attempt to control the level of disease with antibiotics in the animal feed. The animals are also given growth hormones to accelerate their life cycle.   You end up eating everything that the animals eat. 

Speaking of hormones, let’s talk about what we are consuming when we drink cow’s milk.  This highly concentrated substance is what grows a calf from 90 pounds into a 1500 pound adult cow in 2 years. Also worth mentioning: only baby cows drink milk, not adults.  So given these facts, how could cow’s milk not cause problems in humans?  

The body chemistry of a human is not designed to consume the infant growth formula of an entirely unrelated species.  To make matters worse, in modern times this formula is laced with antibiotics and additional growth hormones.

Most people would frown upon athletic use of steroids but are also constantly drugged up themselves  drinking milk that contains rBGH and rBST genetically engineered growth hormones.  When cows are injected with these artificial substances, it causes inflammation, swelling, and pain.  The cows secret blood and pus, which seeps into the milk they produce.   Then we eat cheese and wonder why we can’t lose weight or are depressed or fatigued.  

As mentioned above, when you eat animal products, not only are you consuming hormones, but you are also ingesting the disease or illness of the animals.  Disease is the result of a weakened immune system which is unable to defend the body against foreign invaders.


5. You're Overwhelmed With Toxins

Speaking of hormones, did you know that the hormones in your body may be disrupted due to excessive chemical exposure? That’s right, you should be counting chemicals, not calories!

The skin is our largest organ. Once applied to the skin, certain substances can reach the bloodstream in a matter of seconds. If you are eating right, exercising regularly, getting proper rest, and drinking plenty of water but still not seeing results, there’s a good chance that your body is overwhelmed with toxins.

Evaluate your body wash, laundry detergent, perfumes, hair products, household cleaning products, air fresheners, and any other products you use.  Make the switch from store-bought items to homemade or natural deodorants, toothpaste, and soaps.  Use incense or an essential oil diffuser to scent your home.  Essential oils are particularly effective because they actually improve your mood, digestion, and energy levels when inhaled or applied topically. 


6. You're Overprocessed

 This goes hand in hand with toxic overload.  If you are consuming large amounts of processed foods, then you are consuming hundreds of chemicals and unnatural substances every single day. 

Take inventory of your kitchen.  How much of what you have is packaged in a box, can, or or any other container with a label on it?  If a majority of your food is processed, chances are high that your lifestyle is processed too.  In our microwave culture everything is on-demand and on-the-go,  but on-demand processed foods are contributing to the obesity epidemic we are currently facing.  But why not eat the fastest foods on earth - an apple, a banana, broccoli - instead of popping in a t.v. dinner that is going to cost you loads of time in the long-run?

Remember the body is a system.  This system is intricately designed to thrive off of natural fuels – whole foods made of only one ingredient. Science has not even begun to come close to understanding the complexities of the body and what exactly happens when we ingest unnatural substances.   One should begin to look at health as a sum total of the decisions  made, rather than an isolated outcome of one or two specific choices. 

Stay tuned for part 3, to be continued...