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Sheen Magazine - January 2018 Edition

Recipes From The Vegan By Nature Cookbook

To read all of Stephanie Sunshine’s delicious recipes and many more features Sheen Magazine has to offer, be sure to pick up your copy of Sheen Magazine’s January/February issue, A Brand New You, available at Walmart, Target, Books-a-Million, and Barnes & Noble. 

Brown Vegan Podcast Interview

Episode#56 How To Start A Yoga Practice & Why You Should Unplug Often

We covered:

  • How the Daniel Fast led her to a vegan journey
  • How she ditched the cheese
  • How to co-parent vegan kids in a way that doesn't cause you to pull out your hair
  • Why and how to start a yoga practice
  • The importance of a self-care practice
  • Why you should unplug from social media often
  • How to prepare for retreats/live events


The Bold Opinion Show

The Bold Opinion Radio Interview

An exclusive interview with a Vegan, Yoga Goddess! We got so caught up in the interview with her that we totally lost track of time! Today’s show featured a special guest by the name of Stephanie Sunshine (aka Vegan By Nature).

Looking for Stephanie’s Interview?: 1:02:00 – End

Interested in leading a healthier lifestyle? Check out her website to get tips, tricks, and inspiration. Veganism isn’t all about just eating salads all day, it’s waaay more than that. You are encouraged to check it out.